Conservation Districts (CDs) work locally to fulfill the state’s policy to conserve soil, water, and other natural resources of the state. Conservation districts provide a wealth of information on the following topics:

• Small Acreage Owners Protecting Streams, Wildlife Habitat, Small Farm Agriculture
• Ranchers & Farmers Horse Ranches, Conservation Plans, Livestock & Streams, Ag Resources
• Urban Living Backyard Conservation, Native Plants, Recycling, Urban Forestry, Connections
• Volunteers Conservation needs your help! See how you can make a difference.

There are seven conservation districts – Glacier, Toole, Liberty, Hill, Pondera, Chouteau, and Big Sandy, that include two Indian reservations – the Blackfeet and Rocky Boy. All have taken a proactive approach in processing a watershed plan for the Marias River drainage.

Big Sandy CD
Sonia Silvan
PO Box 218
Big Sandy, MT 59520
(406) 378-2298

Chouteau County CD
Lorna Kraus
PO Box 309
Fort Benton, MT 59442
(406) 622-5627, Ext 101

Glacier County CD
Belinda Knapton
#1 Third Street NE
Cut Bank, MT 59427
(406) 873-5752 ext 101

Hill County CD
Jennifer Kenck
206 25th Ave W, Ste 1
Havre, MT 501
(406) 265-6792 ext 101

Liberty County CD
Gail Cicon
PO Box 669
Chester, MT 59522
(406) 759-5778

Pondera County CD
Erica Jones
406 North Main St
Conrad, MT 59425
(406) 278-7611 ext 101

Toole County CD
Marlene Moon
1125 Oilfield Ave
Shelby, MT 59474
(406) 434-5234 ext 113

The Marias River Watershed encompasses 3.3 million acres of land in the heart of the Golden Triangle, of which more than 91% is in private ownership. Watershed residents rely on the Marias River for drinking water, crop irrigation, livestock watering, recreation and fish habitat.

Marias Watershed Conservation District Region Map