If you have a project that you would like the MRW to help plan, evaluate or seek funding, contact the Regional Director for your area or your County Conservation District Office. For MRW support, fill out the Project Consideration Request form and mail to Pondera County Conservation District, 406 North Main, Conrad, MT 59425 or contact us via the Contact Page. The Technical Advisory Committee and Executive Board will review all projects. Click here for Project Ranking Criteria.

Current Projects

A-N Wasteway Rehabilitation Project – DEQ 319 Grant Program
A-N Wasteway Rehabilitation Area Map
A-N Wasteway Rehabilitation Project Description 

Marias River Assessment – DNRC Renewable Resource Grant Program

Marias River Assessment Project Description

Pugsley Bridge

Russian Olive Removal Demonstration Project – DNRC HB223 Grant Program

Marias River Stream Corridor Assessment Report